"Des fleurs"

Last January, I had the pleasure to do a wonderful collaboration with Gabriela Guzmán Rodríguez (model) and Ginna Agume (make-up artist) in a wonderful park, Quinta de los Molinos, in the center Madrid (Spain).

The idea was to create beautiful portraits using colorful flowers in different ways: for the first one, the flowers were all around the face and in the hair, for the second, they were just held in her hands, and for the third, we improvised in the last minute with the petals and we stuck them on her face (we also used the flash of the phone to give some more light).

The result is stunning! We loved it so much that we decided to present them to Moevir Magazine: "a fashion & art photography magazine based in Paris".

Here you can find the selected pictures, and clicking on this link you can find more portraits I did.

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