Every wedding has something different to tell, something unique; and the pictures have to go beyond telling what everybody see. They have to transmit the emotion of each moment, to bring again the tears of joy. And I want to make your big day, a day you can remember forever.

I always look for the most absolute naturalness, so I usually avoid the posing and the camera looks. I try to be like a little fly to not disrupt the laughs and tears of emotion; but, on the other hand, I try to be everywhere to make sure I capture the unique moments. My goal is to immortalize everything that must last in memory, make your moments eternal emotions.

I am a wedding and portrait photographer. But I prefer to call myself a storyteller, because that's what I do: I tell the story of your day through my pictures.


My adventure began in Switzerland, when my father gave me his camera. Since then, it has become my traveling companion. I've been taking pictures for several years, weddings being the most.


I can't love more my job. I get excited with every wedding, and I see everyone of them as something unique and special, because, they are.

© Lauriane Vega 2019

Fotógrafa de bodas y retratos en Madrid | laurianeh.vega@gmail.com